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As a result of e-commerce statistics, it is expected that 95% of all purchasing transactions will be through e-commerce by 2040. In addition, 93% of global internet users buy the products they need online. 

Do not be late to take your place in the expanding E-Commerce world. Open your online store on the corner with the cooperation of Mobius & Ideasoft.

FROM 1.800 ₺

Features to Make Your Job Easier

Turnkey e-commerce site

Own an e-commerce site in the same day

24/7 open virtual store

Online shopping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

All bank and payment systems

Instant integration with all banks

Free designs ready to use

Hundreds of designs suitable for all industries

Statistics and reporting

Visual tracking of product, sales, visit statistics

Excel product transfer

Quickly transfer all your products with excel

Special contracted shipping prices

Special price agreement with all cargoes

Gift voucher and point system

Coupons that you can use to your customers

Google merchant integration

Google shopping integration

SEO compatible infrastructure

Infrastructure suitable for search engine optimization

Basket, order reminder

Reminder mail to customers who have not completed their shopping

Mobile e-commerce site

Connection from any device with mobile compatible designs

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Let's choose the most suitable E-Commerce package for you together

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