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Workcube Catalyst
all in one

In the Age of Industry 4.0, 

For Smart Businesses

ERP + HR + CRM + BPM  and More!


Business Software
Suitable for Your Industry

We offer all the business software that a business should have, on a single platform.

We provide strategic knowledge, methodology and ready-made practices for the right application.

We serve with a reliable, competitive , professional, community that knows business, knows the world.

Cloud Based

Workcube Catalyst offers business software suitable for every business, whether in the cloud or on the server.


You can have ERP software at low cost with multi-company management and unlimited user license model.


Thanks to its 100% web-based infrastructure, Workcube offers its users the opportunity to work 24/7 with real-time data.


Workcube allows you to solve your company's business software needs thanks to its open source code and parametric structure.


Beyond ERP, CRM and HR!

We increase their competitiveness by offering holistic business, collaboration and communication software, strategic knowledge and application practices to the smart businesses of the Industry 4.0 era who want to be successful in the digital economy.

With Workcube, customers, employees, suppliers and machines do real-time business and cooperation and communicate.

Contact information

0 (533) 339 10 81

0 (534) 705 55 29

Anbar Mah. Osman Kavuncu Boulevard

No:392 Melikgazi / Kayseri

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