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Workcube, the only 100% web-based business software since 2001, saves your company from using dozens of different programs thanks to its integrated structure. It allows you to manage your business end-to-end. 

With its scalable structure, it allows you to grow and adapt quickly to change. You can find the infrastructure you will need to manage your business in the global world on a single platform, Workcube.


Workcube ERP - Finance Accounting

Making the right decisions is possible with the right information. Workcube Catalyst Finance-Accounting solution allows you to manage your company's current financial operations and data in real time and in integrity, to account in one-to-one integration with e-Government applications, and to make accurate estimation and planning in line with the real-time, consolidated analyzes you obtain.


Workcube ERP - Sales Management

Workcube Catalyst Sales Distribution products, developed for businesses that buy, sell and store, bring you all the functions that you can centrally manage your supply, sales and logistics processes in different geographies.


Workcube ERP - Production

Workcube Catalyst Production offers you a dynamic production process planning and management that you can constantly update, and an intelligent structure that you can integrate into smart machines in the digital age.


You can find the appropriate tools in Workcube Catalyst to plan production correctly, to reduce stock costs by analyzing material needs, to increase capacity utilization, and to increase production quality.


Workcube CRM - Customer Relations

Catalyst CRM brings you closer to your customer. Your business development and sales employees can record a lot of information about the customer as well as track the traces left by the customers. Campaigns, interactions, meetings, visits, e-mails, complaints, service and warranty transactions, surveys, suggestions, opportunities, offers, orders, joint projects...


Workcube HR - Human Resources

With Workcube Catalyst HR, you plan your organization and bring your remote offices, factories, workplaces close to you on the internet. It offers the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes, from single-branch businesses to group companies.


Workcube PMS - Project Management

Workcube Catalyst Project Management creates a virtual business environment that enables the employees of the enterprises to jointly carry out projects with each other, business partners and customers, and to share critical business information and documents in some business processes, thus enabling joint projects to be carried out more effectively and quickly.


Workcube PAM - Physical Asset Management

Workcube Catalyst PAM - Physical Asset Management is used to keep records of physical assets, motor vehicles and IT assets within the company and to carry out all repair-maintenance works centrally.


Workcube CMS - Content Management

Website, B2B portal, e-commerce site design services offered exclusively for you by the Workcube team, if you need it, are built directly on Catalyst Intranet and Content Management.


Workcube DAM - Digital Asset Management

The universal cataloging capability of Workcube Catalyst allows you to organize your digital assets by gathering them together. To the extent that they are authorized, your employees can access this information in a very short time, whenever they want, and easily.


Workcube SUBO - Subscription Management

Workcube Catalyst SUBO - Subscription Management offers you all the components you need to effectively manage all the processes from the invoicing to the shipment of your subscription-based services and products, subscription agreements, relations, subscriber information, subscription agreements with all customers of your company working with the subscription system.

B2B & B2C

Workcube B2B & B2C - Digital Asset Management

You effectively carry out and manage your business and relations, purchases, sales and commercial transactions with your customers, all your business partners - suppliers, dealers, services, people and companies with joint projects, global distributors - in a digital environment. Your communication and business become synchronized and streamlined, both digital and real, and your relationship cost drops significantly.


Workcube E-Transformation

Workcube offers its customers, who are subject to the e-Invoice application of the Revenue Administration, complete solutions for their "Special Integration", "GIB Portal", "Integration" applications such as e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Ledger that they can perform through Workcube ERP.

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